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Swift Alternatives to C-style for-loops

Starting in Swift 3.0, C-style for-loops will be gone from Swift! Last week, I talked to an iOS developer who was upset by this (it is a long-held habit after all!) and was confused by what to use as an alternative. @twostraws did a great write-up on the new Swift 2.2 features and what to use instead, so I’m going to write it down here for my own (and your) reference.

Swift: Money with Phantom Types 👻

I’ve seen Phantom Types before, including in this article about Phantom Types and in conference talks, but while I like the idea of Phantom Types and think they’re cool and interesting, I haven’t actually used them ever in my own code. Mostly, because it’s not yet natural for me to see a problem and think “Ah, Phantom Types would be the perfect solution!” But this example caught my eye...

Swift: The 😎 Case of An Enum With No Cases

Earlier today, I wrote about all the unconventional ways I use extensions in Swift to make my code more readable. This somehow triggered an interesting discussion on Twitter around Swift naming conventions. I won’t go into detail on that here – you can read the full discussion yourself if you’d like. But I did learn something super cool...

Using Swift Extensions The “Wrong” Way

When others look at my Swift code, they immediately ask why I use so many extensions. The main reason I use extensions is for readability. Here are the use-cases where I LOVE to use extensions, even though that’s “not what extensions are made for”.

I 💖 Storyboards & Nibs

One of my favorite talks at @tryswiftconf (ok, every talk was my favorite!) was when @helenvholmes talked about how to get designers into code. One of the big things to do is very obvious - use Storyboards! Immediately, this comment was a bit controversial among developers. Honestly, I don't see the whole controversy....

iOS 9: How to Peek & Pop A Specific View Inside a UITableViewCell

Over the past few days, I’ve been hectically working on the try! Swift Conference app (now only 2.5 more weeks to show time 😱)! One of my stretch goal MVP features was implementing 3D Touch to Peek & Pop speaker and presentation information in the app...