CEO Of IGN Roy Bahat Is Learning To Code

Yesterday, I was lucky enough to hear CEO of IGN Roy Bahat talk. He talked about many things – the future of education, the future of recruiting, his personal story, etc. However, one thing that stood out to me was the fact that he’s learning how to code.

Roy Bahat, the CEO of IGN, actually takes time out of his week to connect with a university student via Skype to learn to code. The reason he connects with a student vs just doing it on his own is because, as you could have guessed, he has limited time and it’s more efficient for him to just have the student answer questions and explain stuff than trying to figure the right answer himself.

To me, the most inspiring part of the story is not even the fact that Roy Bahat is learning to code, it’s the fact that he’s taking the time to keep learning anything. When we get out of school, it’s just too easy to sit back at our jobs, get good at what we do, and to stop learning new and challenging things (I know, because this is the trap that I fell into myself after graduation).

Most corporations are happy for you to have the same job for years, since you know it best and can execute on it the quickest. So it is up to you to find the time to pursue your learning no matter how “busy” you are. If Roy Bahat can fit learning into his life, so can you.

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