Linux Command Line Trick: Find All Files With A Specific Word Inside

Still learning command line tricks! Here is a great CLI cheatsheet to reference.

To find a file witha  specific keyword in it, simply enter the following into your command line:

  $ grep -r "keyword" * 

Here is a more comprehensive example if you want to test this out:

# clone this directory (or do this within whichever directory you're working with)

$ git clone

# go into the new CLI-Obstacle-Course directory

$ cd CLI-Obstacle-Course

# find all files with the method name "bootinator" in it
$ grep -r "bootinator" *

app/assets/stylesheets/application_helper.rb: def bootinator(name)
Then the distressed file said

Then the distressed file said

Then the distressed file said

Then the distressed file said

Then the distressed file said

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  • Thank you for posting this! I googled to find the answer and your post was listed. DBC is going to have to come up with new exercises ;P