Cost Of 4 Year CS Degree: $0

I’m pretty angry after reading this anti self-learning article by a Northwestern School of Engineering professor Mark Werwath, in which Werwath claims that Dev Bootcamp and other similar program graduates will not be able to have long-term careers as software engineers.

Perhaps I’m just taking this way too personally, since part of the anger comes from me being a graduate of Northwestern University (class of 2008). It is really personally upsetting to me to see this type of attitude from a place I trusted 3 years of my life to.

Instead of being happy and excited that more people are getting into his field, this professor claims we won’t be able to succeed. This is exactly the kind of attitude that turned me off from majoring in computer science in the first place.

These type of programs focus more on creating a competitive environment that makes computer science an “elite” sport that only a few can enjoy versus something that is accessible to everyone.

Even the online Stanford course I took was a weeder class, where the assignments were so difficult, they were meant to “weed out” the weak students.

Everyone I met from Dev Bootcamp was learning programming to change their life, and because they absolutely loved it. During some pair programming sessions, me and my partner were laughing the whole time. If you ask me, this is a way better way to be introduced to programming. We are all passionate beginners who will continue learning every single day because we love it. I’m really not sure why Professor Werwath just assumes we’ll stop learning the day we leave Dev Bootcamp.

Professors like this one is also why I’m so excited to see posts like this one, which outline how to get a 4-year Computer Science degree for the nice price-tag of $0.

To nay-sayers like Professor Werwath, I’m happy to prove you wrong. For all of you out there who are taking charge of your life and learning to program because you love it, happy learning!

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