Django != Rails

Yesterday, I had a few hours to spare on fun learning, so I decided to check out Django. I’m learning Python now, so I figured I should be able to “quickly” make web apps by relying solely on Python and the relavent web framework instead of going back to my Ruby on Rails comfort zone.

I started going through this tutorial and was even able to deploy something to Heroku (I would really prefer Heroku over AppEngine…). Unfortunately, I ran into some serious errors that would take me a lot more time to figure out than I had, so I had to leave Django, at least for now.

Besides the intense setup (which I didn’t really get past), I noticed that Django comes with only a few files in the actual application compared to the rigid structure of Ruby on Rails. I’m looking forward to learning more about how Django works, but my hope that it would be pretty similar to Rails has been lost.

The upside of this is that I’ll get to learn more about the Django philosophy, just like I learned about Rails, so I’ll have better knowledge of the theories behind web applications.

I don’t give up easily anymore, so with a little help from my friends down the road, you will see a Django app from me!

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