Doing Something Crazy

I feel like I’m the luckiest person in the world. When I graduated from Dev Bootcamp, I got two job offers that I was extremely excited about…

One was with Hipmunk, a startup I’ve been following ever since they launched, mostly because I LOVE travel (I may or may not have an unhealthy addiction to last-minute travel), and I really loved what Hipmunk is bringing to the travel industry. The product is incredible and it’s only going to get better.

The other offer was with Manilla, a startup incubated within and backed by Hearst Corporation that helps you manage your bills all in one place. During the Dev Bootcamp speed-dating style interview day, VP of Engineering at Manilla Andres Camacho really impressed me by showing me the VCR gem, which I could have used to test some more complicated parts of my Dev Bootcamp final project.

I was further impressed by Manilla when I visited their office during my interview. All around their office, they had monitors showing green tests. If you break a test while pushing code, you put $1 into a jar under one of these monitors. For those of you who haven’t figured it out, I’m pretty obsessed with TDD (test-driven-development), and here was a company equally obsessed.

It was a really difficult choice to make, and I decided to choose Hipmunk. It was just too much of an exciting opportunity to pass up. When I started at Hipmunk, I was slightly worried. This was my first job as a Software Engineer, after all, and I was worried about working with mean developers, like some people on StackOverlow. However, my fears were for nothing. Everyone at Hipmunk has been extremely nice and helpful to me, and I was impressed by the quality of people who work there.

However, as I tried to learn Python and Django on the weekend, I found myself playing around a lot more with Rails – it’s just so much fun for me! I’m really big on focusing on one thing, especially at this point of my career – if I learn Rails on the weekend and Python at work, I will not be good at anything. So I decided that in order to stick with Rails, I will need to work in a place where I can keep learning and working with Rails.

So two weeks ago, I did something completely crazy. I left Hipmunk to join Manilla. I still absolutely love everyone at Hipmunk and would recommend it to anyone as a great place to work, but for me, I think the extremely agile process-driven Rails development culture at Manilla will be a better fit at this point in my career.

And so the journey continues…

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