Ending This Week in Swift

I started This Week in Swift for selfish reasons. In July 2014, Swift was still in Beta, Playgrounds would crash after only 100 lines of code, and we were all still super confused about Optionals. With a brand new language to learn, one that was undergoing so many changes all the time, I started the newsletter to help me learn from anyone who was willing to test-drive Swift.

It has been amazing to all be beginners together! Traveling around the world, speaking and hosting try! Swift, I had met many of you and heard your amazing stories. There were some who got jobs as a result of reading This Week in Swift, others who simply used it to learn, and others who got inspired and created open source projects to contribute back to the community.

150 This Week in Swift issues and 20,000+ subscribers later, Swift is being adopted by most new iOS projects, it is being integrated into the old projects, it is used to build web applications, it has been open sourced, StackOverflow is now full of answers to iOS questions in Swift, and more importantly, Swift has begun to highly stabilize, with ABI stability only 1.0 version away! We have built a strong community which has grown together, learning together along the way, with new and amazing developers joining every day.

With this good news about the current and future state of Swift, This Week in Swift is not as useful as it has once been. There is still more to learn, more ideas coming up every day to learn from, and changes still coming, but these are small in comparison to the rollercoaster we have all experienced over the past 3.5 years. You already have everything you need out there to start and succeed in Swift.

The last issue of This Week in Swift went out on November 26th. At that time, I was not sure whether it was the last issue, but after reflecting on it during the holidays, I have decided that it is indeed the best time to end it and focus my limited time on other endeavors. I can only hope that my future projects are as helpful and impactful as This Week in Swift has been.

It has been an honor to be part of your inbox every Monday. Thank you for reading!


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  • kgelner

    Thank you for your efforts around Swift! I enjoyed your newsletters, and though I never got a chance to attend a Try!Swift conference, it seemed like they helped and were enjoyed by a lot of people. I feel like your efforts did quite a lot to help move the Swift community as far along as it has gotten and pull in new developers that might have otherwise remained on the fence.

  • alex kent


  • Vincent BAROUSSE

    Thank you for all your newsleters, they was a big help for me !

  • Lisa Dziuba

    thanks a lot!

  • Jeff Berman

    Thanks for all the good newsletters over the years, Natasha. Every one I read taught me something new. Best of luck on your future endeavors.

  • Thank you so mush! You inspired me and many others for sure. Keep up the great work.

  • Artem Lonkly

    trololo you missed to remove the footer “Enjoy the article?..”

  • Thanks for all the hard work, you continue to be an inspiration to be part of the amazing Swift communinity.

  • ArgentOunce


  • heratyian

    Thanks for your time spent creating this newsletter. I learned a lot. Very grateful. Best of luck in your future endeavors.

  • Teddy Newell

    Thanks for the newsletter! I always learned something new, and it was a joy to read!

  • Avihu Turzion


  • Vince O’Sullivan

    Playgrounds still crash after 100 lines of code, often less. Have fun.

  • Evgeny Pogodin

    Could you, please, share archive with all issues of newsletter?
    It will be very helpful to find some article to read and study Swift.
    I will be very appreciated.

  • cocoaacademy

    Thank you for all your hard work you have inspired me to improve on my craft every week. Thank you and good luck on your next journey. I hope you do more trySwift conferences because I had a blast as a speaker. Craig

  • Des Smith

    I’ve loved reading and sharing your blog for hints and tips with friends. It has been super helpful. Best of luck in the future!

  • Mohamed

    Maybe doing it once a month instead? _(ツ)_/¯