Get Paid To Learn To Code: A New Trend?!

Most tech startups / companies I follow are looking for “rockstar” or “ninja” or “A-player” developers to join their team. And, of course, the few rockstars/ninjas/A-players that do exist are off starting their own start-ups instead of joining existing ones. That means that there is a shortage of great developers, which I think is a good thing…

This shortage of seasoned coders means that some companies might look for non-developer A-players who can become rockstar developers if they were only given the opportunity to learn to code. And this is exactly what LivingSocial is doing with their new and exciting Hungry Academy initiative. Anyone can apply to Hungry Academy, an intense five-month program for beginner coders that offers full-time pay and a full-time job at LivingSocial upon finishing the course.

I only hope that other companies follow LivingSocial’s example of identifying people who have the potential to be great later on, but just need a little time and guidance to learn.

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