Happy Money Year!

I have never really been motivated by money as much as enjoying myself and doing what I love. I’ve taken jobs that pay way less because I knew I would enjoy them more than my current job. And I’m know to spend a lot of money on unique, once in a lifetime experiences and travel. As a result, I haven’t focused much on paying off my student loans outside the necessary monthly payments.

However, as I’m thinking more and more about what I want in life – maybe doing my own business, traveling the world for a year, who knows – it’s become apparent that having those monthly student loan payments is a great obstacle to my dreams. I can move to cheaper apartment, but there is no way to really lower my monthly loan payments. It’s a big fixed monthly cost, and I just hate it. So for next year (and starting now), I’m declaring a war on my loans.

Luckily, I have gained the skills I need to experiment with many money-making opportunities. I’ve already started doing some freelancing, both with development and blogging, and am also doing a few consulting calls.

I’ve been reading the $100 Startup recently, and already have more than a few ideas for opportunities to try out. As a start, I’m currently working on an e-book to help beginners learn to code and get a job, just like I did.

Join me in my money year and let me know if you have any suggestions for ideas to try out.  I can’t be more excited about this year!

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  • Awesome! And Good luck! Oh, and I look forward to reading that e-book.

  • BTW, do you recommend the $100 Startup book?

    • Yes! I highly recommend it. Giving me so many ideas!

      • danny__garcia

        Hey Natasha, it’s been about a year since I first read this post. Back then I was just starting on my journey to learn software development and since then I’ve completed gSchool and landed a great job at iTriage here in Denver ( I was living in FL a year ago). It feels great to finally build software for a living everyday and I too have a significant amount of student loan debt. I’m planning on paying all of it off in 2014, which means I’ll have to buckle down and watch my spending closely but it’ll definitely be worth it.

        • Congratulations on your 2013 accomplishments!!! Super excited to see you succeed in 2014 🙂

          As the year comes to an end, I’m really excited to almost have paid off my loans. It might take an extra month in January, but super excited to watch the last of my student loan debt go away!

  • Jim

    Check Ripple.com. I’m addicted to the concept. Truly disruptive.