Hello Python! I Think We’ll Be Great Friends

And so it starts again. I’m now learning a new language, Python, and couldn’t be more excited about it.

As a beginner programmer, it is important to be exposed to as many languages as possible early on (even though it’s hard!), so we can see and learn from the patterns across languages. Just like with real-world languages, the more computer languages you know, the easier it is to pick up new ones.

I started learning a bit of Python about a week ago, by going through the Dive into Python book, and have already recognized some very familiar patterns from Ruby, Haml (love that white-spaces matter in Python!!!), and even some Objective-C (which I only looked into for a week before!).

It’s fun to think about how hard it was to pick up some of these concepts when I learned about them for the very first time, and how much easier it has become with Python.

I’ve also been asked by several people whether they should learn Ruby or Python first. The answer is: it doesn’t matter! Learn one language and be very open to learning others 🙂

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