How To Create A “Hello World” WatchKit App

WatchKit is officially out!!!! Here is how to get started:

Download XCode 6.2 Beta

Just head over to the XCode Downloads page, and get the latest Beta of XCode!

Create New Project

Got to your new XCode-Beta, and select Create a new Xcode project. As usual, select Single View Application, and go through the process of saving the project as normal:

WatchKit New Application

Create a Watch App Target

Now here comes the fun part! From the XCode menu, select New -> Target:

New Target XCode

Now, go to the Apple Watch Section, and select Watch App:

Watch App Target

Click Next, and de-select the Notification and Glance Scene options to make life simpler to start with:

Screen Shot 2014-11-18 at 3.20.26 PM

Click Finish, and you’re almost there!

Add Label

Go to the Interface.storyboard in your Watch App Target:


Now, drag a label onto your Interface Controller, and add the Hello, World! text. Make sure to Center your label!


Yes, that’s right. No AutoLayout here!

Run the App!

This is where things get tricky. Make sure to select the Watch App Target to run. Just choose any iPhone Simulator.


Finally, select the Apple Watch as an External Device from your iOS Simulator Hardware Menu option:


Re-run the app, and you’ll see the watch app!

Hello World Watch

Happy WatchKit hacking!!!!

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