How To Easily Change The Name Of Your iOS App (Without Breaking It)

So the good news is that my newest app is out. Yay! The bad news is… well, there are currently several problems with it.

The biggest and most obvious one is the app store icon. I clearly messed up there! Also, the screenshots look horrible, since I user rounded corners, so it looks like there are black dots on the corners (I promise the app looks better on download!).

However, one problem that might not be as obvious until you download the app, is that the name of it isn’t “Alphavit”, like it says in the app store, but “Russi..rKids”:


The problem is that when I started making this app, I called it “RussianAlphabetForKids” because thats what I was building. However, upon release, I knew I had to choose a name that would fit nicely on the iPhone screen, so I chose Alphavit (which is Russian for Alphabet). I thought that by giving it that name in iTunes Connect, I was changing the name as it would appear on the iPhone screen, but apparently I was wrong (as I learned the hard way)!.

I looked around for ways to change the name of the app, but most of them included changing the bundle name. Since my app is already in the app store and is identified by the bundle name, I knew I had to find a better solution and I’m really glad there is such an easy one out there!

So to change your app name (without going through the pain of changing your bundle name), simply go to your APPNAME-Info.plist file (in the Supporting Files directory), and change your “Bundle display name” to the name you want displayed! That’s it!


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