How To RSVP To A Party In San Francisco

Just like movie stars are the celebrities in Hollywood, developer are celebrities in San Francisco and Silicon Valley. So, it is not surprising that to get a free ticket to a hot party, you need to prove that you’re a developer.

Specifically, I’m talking about the upcoming Thumbtack NightMix on Treasure Island. To RSVP, all you have to do is add yourself to the guestlist… via a pull request on Github of course! So I took this as an opportunity to learn more about how to correctly submit pull requests on Github, since I’ve mostly been working on my own projects.

Here is how to submit a pull request on Github:


The first step is to “fork” the nightmix Github repository. This is easily done via the “Fork” button:


The next step is to clone the forked repo into a local folder and go into that folder. Simply type the following once you’re in the folder where you want to download this into:

$ git clone GITHUB USERNAME/guestlist.git
$ cd guestlist/

Checkout a New Branch

Checkout a new branch where you’re going to make the changes:

$ git checkout -b YOURBRANCHNAME

Add Yourself To The Guest List

As stated in the instructions, create a new file with your name and company information in it.

Push The Branch To Github

Now, you are ready to push your branch back to github:

$ git add .
$ git commit -m "YOUR FUN MESSAGE"
$ git push origin YOURBRANCHNAME

Select Your Branch On Github

Now, go back to github, and select your pushed branch:

Submit A Pull Request

Now, the fun part! Just click the “Pull Request” button for that branch and add a comment.

This party better be worth it!!!!

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