I Made $6.87 In The App Store

As a new iPhone developer, of course I wanted to test out making money in Apple’s App Store. So I decided to charge 1st Tier pricing (aka $0.99 in the US ) for my latest app, Alphavit, a Russian Alphabet app. Well, it’s been about a month since I released the app, and I’ve made exactly $6.87 from it. Here is what I learned about making money in the app store:

It’s ALL About Marketing

I did pretty much zero marketing for Alphavit, since I was interested in seeing how does organically. The only marketing I did do was post about it on my Facebook page, for my friends and family, and write about it on this blog. I’m pretty sure that’s how I made that $6.87, and I doubt I’ll be selling many more copies of Alphavit without more marketing effort.

Spend Money To Make Money

Currently, Alphavit is #68 out of 71 apps that show up for the “Russian Alphabet” keyword in the app store. Not exactly easy to find unless you know what you’re looking for! If I want Alphavit to be one of the first options that show up for that keyword, I need to pay an companies such as TapJoy to get some random people to download and review my app to fake it’s demand in the app store!

Another option is to spend money on coming up first on Google when people search for keywords such as “russian alphabet app”. My friend also suggested advertising on the Russian social network Odnoklassniki.

You Have To Go ALL In

I’m ok with putting in marketing money into a product that I want to build long term, and for it to be successful, I need to be completely committed to the product, keep putting attention to it, getting feedback, updating it, getting blogs to write about it, etc. Just putting it out there as a weekend project and hoping it’ll magically make money while I build other products just doesn’t work.

Have you made money in the app store? If so, what tactics did you use to make your app successful?

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