If You Love Learning, Coding Is For You

When I graduated college with a Psychology major and started working for real-world companies, I found it extremely exciting… but only in the very first year of working at a company. I soon realized that I enjoyed the first year a lot more than any time after at the company because I was learning.

I LOVE learning, and it is something I’m really good at. In fact, my job up to the age of 22 was to learn. Yet, after about a year at any company, the learning curve starts to even out, and many companies don’t offer opportunities that will keep you on a steep learning curve – you either stay at the job you’re at or get a promotion within the same department you already know. If you’re like me, and get bored easily if you’re not always learning, then I hope you learn to code.

One of the most exciting (and perhaps overwhelming) lessons I’m learning while learning to code is that in coding, there is ALWAYS more to learn. And the stuff you need to learn is HARD and CHALLENGING. I will never be bored with coding, especially while trying to keep up with an industry that keeps changing all the time.

Anyway, I’m pretty excited to have found a challenge that can keep me learning forever (and more), and if you love learning, I hope you start learning to code 🙂

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