I’m No Longer A Beginner

As I’ve been learning the very basics of Objective-C in the past few weeks (what a function is, how to write a “Hello World” program, if / else statements, etc), I found myself having this thought: “This is pretty easy, anyone can learn to code!”.

I really have no idea what was so difficult about all this when I was learning it all for the first time! It just seems so obvious now.

I now understand why programmers say it’s easy to learn to code – because for them, it’s easy to code! It’s something I do every day now, so it’s become second nature.

So if you’re a beginner and someone tells you it’s easy, don’t get intimidated or feel stupid if you’re having a hard time! It’s hard for experienced programmers to remember what it was like to get to the point where it was easy. I remember lots of pain and sweat and tears, but I just really can’t think of why I struggled so much! This stuff is EASY!

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