How To Slow Down Your Animations In The iOS Simulator

If you’re ever working with scrolling or even more complex animations (especially if you’re building your own!), you might want to slow them down to really see what’s happening. Before knowing that you could slow down animations, I would replay my app over and over again staring at the screen trying to catch what’s wrong!

Well, it’s very easy to slow down your animations. In the iOS Simulator menu, just choose the Debug dropdown, and then select “Toggle Slow Animations in Frontmost App”.

ios animation menu

Now, just run your app, and enjoy the slow animation!

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  • Here is how to pause animations on device:

    hit pause on debugger
    and on lldb console write this:
    p [(CALayer *)[[[[UIApplication sharedApplication] windows] objectAtIndex:0] layer] setSpeed:.1f]