My Ebook: How To… Learn To Code. Get Your Dream Job. Change Your Life.

In the past few months, I’ve had a lot of people reach out to me asking me for help and advice on how to learn to code and get their dream job as a software engineer. So I decided to write an ebook on everything I know from my own experience!

The ebook – How To… Learn To Code. Get Your Dream Job. Change Your Life. – is split into two parts. The first part is more about the mindset of coding – how to keep on track without giving up. Believe it or not, that is the hardest thing about learning to code!

The second part of the book lists every single resource I know about, in a variety of learning styles, that you can try out on your new and exciting journey.

If you get the ebook and are not completely happy with it for any reason, I will refund you right away!

Here is an excerpt from the book with 10 reasons to make 2013 your real code year!

Never Be Unemployed

As of today, there is a huge shortage of software engineers in the tech industry. And as more and more industries need software engineering talent, this shortage will only be increasing. Even coffee shops need a website today!

In addition, some traditional industries are finally understanding the power of engineers, creating almost new sub-fields of work. Consider the growth hacker – it is basically a new job description of a marketer who can also code.

As a software engineer, if you’re decent, you are pretty much guaranteed to always find employment in a wide variety of fields.


The engineering supply is low and the demand is high. That means software engineers get paid A LOT. According to Indeed, a ruby or python engineer in San Francisco makes an average salary of $120,000 per year.

Don’t get fooled by these numbers though. I know in San Francisco, engineers also get equity or stock, signing bonuses, and lots of perks as part of their salary. I’m personally excited to get paid enough to finally pay off my student loans!

Great Perks!

Oh, the perks! If you work in the San Francisco Bay Area and sometimes elsewhere, expect to be treated like royalty, with your every need met. Big companies and small startups offer incredible perks such as free food, massages, unlimited sick and vacation days, gym membership, iPads, computer equipment of your choice, Uber rides, commuter reimbursement, and more. Full Contact, located in Denver, offers a Paid, Paid Vacation!

Always Be Learning

I know this is probably not the shiniest perk of being a Software Engineer, but it’s my personal favorite. I get bored easily, so is important for me to do work that I find engaging. Most work outside of Software Engineering is very repetitive and boring. However, as a Software Engineer, you’ll always be facing new and exciting problems. And there is just soooo much to learn!

Just when you think you know something, it’ll change. I hope you really love learning, because it never stops!

Start Your Own Business

The cost of starting an online business is so low compared with a traditional brick and mortar business, and the return is so much higher! I’m currently reading the $100 Startup, and highly recommend it. There are just so many ways to make money online!

If you combine your current skills and passions of with coding, you’ll no doubt create something amazing. Who knows, maybe one day I’ll read about your startup in Techcrunch 🙂

Travel The World

One of the things I love about being a developer is the flexibility of the job. Increasingly, companies are becoming more and more open to remote work. Companies where you can work remotely as a software engineer include 37Signals, Intridea, Treehouse, Github, and more.

Many Software Engineers are also choosing to do remote freelancing or starting online businesses while traveling the world.

Join A Passionate Community

Want to join a community of smart, passionate people who are changing the world? That is what the Hacker Community is like, and I personally LOVE being part of it. Instead of talking about problems, Hackers focus on solutions. There are always a ton of meetups, conferences, and cool events to go to where you can meet some really incredible and passionate people.

One of my favorite parts about the hacker community is how open they are with sharing knowledge. From open source projects to StackOverlow to Hacker News to Github to incredible meetups and workshops, hackers are there to help you or let you use their code in your time of need.

Work Flexible Hours

Hackers are notorious for being night owls, working late into the night and waking up late. While this is not my personal style (I like to wake up at 6am :), if you’re into sleeping in or keeping different work hours, this is the job for you.

I’ve worked in places where most people get to work around 10 or 11am. It is also completely normal to step out for coffee or run a personal errand as you need to throughout the day. Whatever the hours you prefer, if you’re getting your work done, you can negotiate whatever hours work best for you.

Casual Friday Every Day

Hackers judge you by one thing: your work. What you wear hardly matters. Some hackers even wear the same thing every day! Software Engineers, especially in Silicon Valley, are known for wearing jeans, t-shirts, and hoodies to work. It is very rare to see a suit in a tech company office.

So throw out your tie and dress shoes! You can finally be comfortable again.

Love Your Job

I cannot stress enough how fun it is to be a Software Engineer. Every day you’re building some cool new feature or fixing a bug and learning something new. It is seriously the most fun you’ll have!

Happy Learning!

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