My Hacker Schedule

The hacker stereotype is someone who stays up all night, hacking in the solitude of their parent’s basement eating garbage food like Doritos or Pop Chips. In fact, the night owl is such a part of the hacker culture, many hackathons are built around staying up all night eating junk food and just building.

Well, that’s not who I really am. I like to get my 8 hours a sleep , I like to exercise, and I like to eat healthy. My mind is also a lot clearer in the morning.

I’m very dedicated to building something I’m proud of, so I got my own unstereotypical hacker schedule.

I go to sleep at 9pm and wake up at 5am. I’ve been doing it since the beginning of this year, and absolutely LOVE it. I get about two hours of work done every morning before I go to work (and a full two days on the weekend!). By 9am, I feel productive and fulfilled. I can’t even explain the feeling, but it really sets a great tone for me for the rest of the day.

Of course, the early 9pm sleep schedule does force me to say no to certain events, but I don’t really care. I feel a lot more fulfilled with my 5am coding, and, if someone really wants to hang out with me, they can fit me in before 9pm.

A lot of people ask me where I get the time to learn to code or write a book or build something, and this is the answer. If you really want something bad enough, you’ll figure out what to sacrifice to fit it into your schedule.

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