Offer: I’ll Build Your iPhone App Idea For $200

UPDATE: This offer has expired! If you’d like my freelance services, email me at natasha at (keep in mind that I charge a lot more than $200 per app :)). I’m excited to have gotten a great response to this offer, and am busy for the next few weeks working on amazing app ideas for some impressive people.

I’m currently in between side projects, and am not really excited about any ideas I currently have, but ever since I released my first (and second) iPhone app, I can’t help but be addicted to the experience. I love the process of building and shipping apps!

So, in order to keep learning, building, and shipping, I’d like to build your app idea! So why the $200? I’d like to work with people who are passionate enough about their idea to pay for it but might not be able to afford the actual price tag.

I posted this offer on Hacker News a few days ago, and have been really excited about all the responses so far. Starting to build today!

Email me at natasha at if you’d like me to build your iPhone app idea.

How it works

  1. First in, first out: The sooner you email me, the sooner you get your app. I’ll have a queuing system set up, so as soon as I’m done with the first app, I’ll move on to the next.
  2. Once I’m ready to start working on your app, we’ll have a Skype call and keep in contact via email to clarify the requirements and figure out the business logic. Communication is key and I want to make sure you’re happy with my work, so please be available to answer questions promptly while I’m building your app.
  3. Payment: $100 up front, $100 on completion.
  4. Design: If you have a design ready to go, I’ll implement it. Otherwise I’ll be using the native UI components. You’ll need to provide the app store icon and loading screens.
  5. Back-end: If you have an API to use, I’ll use it. I can also use Parse, but you’re responsible for paying for it. I’ll also implement CoreData as necessary. If you need a more heavy back-end API component, you’ll need to build it yourself.
  6. You own the code, but I can blog about how specific features were implemented. You can see examples of my blog posts on
  7. I have the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason.

Let me know if you have any other questions, and I’ll answer them in the comments.

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