BIG OPPORTUNITY: High Quality Online Ruby On Rails Courses

I’ve been learning Ruby for a few weeks now, and am ready to move on to Ruby on Rails. I’m more of an auditory type of learner – I like having things explained to me. I also like a little bit of initial hand-holding, where I get to practice what I’m learning as I’m learning it. That is why I looked into taking a beginner Ruby on Rails course to get me started. Unfortunately, I found very few options. And of the classes I did find, they were pretty expensive and, worst-of-all, they were in-person and starting later on in March or later.

I’m a big believer in online education, so I really don’t see why these places that teach Ruby on Rails already, like BlazingCloud, BigNerdRanch, Marakana, AcademyX, and others insist on the in-person model. Think about it, they can video-tape their lessons, add in the assignments, and put them online for anyone to pay for. By charging a lot less than $2,000 – $3,000 (plus a plane ticket if necessary) that they charge for the in-person trainings (maybe $250), they could be training people from all over the world all the time, making a lot more profit than the once-in-a-while classes that include the expense of having live tutors, on-site facilities, and limitations on class sizes.

So, if you know Ruby on Rails, there is a big opportunity for you to be the source for online education on Ruby on Rails. Let me know when your site is up and I’ll be happy to promote you on my blog!

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