How To Open Documentation And Organizer In XCode 5

In XCode 4, there was a really nice and convenient Organizer button that also opened the Documentation in the top right corner of XCode that I used all the time! That button was unfortunately removed in XCode 5, so it’s been a frustrating experience figuring out the new ways of finding both the Documentation and the Organizer (they’ve been separated in XCode 5) to say the least.

Here are some alternative ways of getting to the Documentation and Organizer:

The Help Menu

Just open the Help Menu, and select the Documentation and API Reference option:

XCode 5 Documenation

Keyboard Shortcut

As you can see from the image above, there is also a keyboard shortcut of getting to the documentation. Just hold Shift + Command + ?, arrow down to the Documentation and API Reference option, and click enter.

Option Double-Click

In case  you don’t know this trick from other versions of XCode, you can simply Option double-click on any class (e.g. NSString, NSArray, UITableViewController), and you’ll immediately get the documentation for it right there. The nice thing about documentation in XCode 5 is that it’s much much faster! So props to Apple for that.

Getting To The Organizer

You can access the Organizer by going to the Window menu, and selecting the Organizer option.


And, as you can see, the shortcut is Command + Shift + 2.

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