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Implementing Equatable for Protocols in Swift

Last week I attended iOSDevCampDC, where I had the pleasure of hearing @ayanonagon‘s talk on testing. For testing purposes and to my surprise, she implemented a default Equatable on a protocol similar to this...

Magical View Rotation with StackView

Last week, I spoke at and attended iOSDevCampDC, where I had the pleasure of listening to @atomicbird‘s great talk on StackViews. I already wrote about how easy it is to do a simple animation with StackView, but I was also impressed by how easy it is to support screen rotation from Portrait to Landscape using StackViews.

The Easy Button: A Fancy Animation with StackView

Last week, I spoke at and attended iOSDevCampDC, where I had the pleasure of listening to @atomicbird‘s great talk on StackViews. I knew StackView basics, but I had no idea how easy it is to create some impressive-looking animations with them! Here is an example of the cool animation that @atomicbird demoed and I reproduced […]

Xcode 8: How To Create an Animated iMessage Sticker

I've finally have little bit of time set aside this weekend to work on a fun side project. Ever since I saw my friend @chiuki's Fit Cat app on the Android Watch, I knew I needed to have it on my Apple Watch and @chiuki agreed to let me make it. Of course when I started my new project, I opened the Assets Catalog, and was immediately tempted to create Fit Cat stickers. After all, wouldn't it be fun to share these with your friends?!!!

On Diversity

So today I’m going to talk about a topic that I’m completely uncomfortable talking about publicly - diversity in tech and in our community. Wish me luck 🙈

Swift: Attempting to Understand Type Erasure

At the try! Swift Conference in Tokyo, @purpleyay gave a mind-blowing talk on Type Erasure (full video and slides here). I’m honestly still trying to wrap my head around it, and especially the use-cases, but for now, I wanted to write down the example from the talk to keep in my mind and refer to later when it suddenly fits the problem I’m solving.

Refactoring to: Parameter Objects

I’m currently reading Refactoring to Patterns (affiliate link). Yesterday, when I wrote about the Creation Method for an object that has a lot of parameters, it made me think of @modocache‘s amazing talk on Swift Patterns in iOS API Design, specifically the part of about Parameter Objects. This has come up for me a few times since I initially saw the talk, so I wanted to document it here.

Refactoring to: Creation Method

As I spoke at and attended several conferences last month, the book Refactoring to Patterns (affiliate link) kept coming up again and again, especially in my favorite talks. I finally have a little time to read it (before all the after-WWDC-announcement craziness ascends), and I’d like to document the patterns I like for future reference. I also found it better to remember the information by translating the Java in the book to Swift. The first pattern is the Creation Method.

Protocol-Oriented Views in Swift

I recently gave a talk on Practical Protocol-Oriented-Programming(POP💥) in Swift. The video is still being processed. Meanwhile, here is the written-up version of the POP View part of the talk for reference (for me and anyone else!).