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Using Swift Extensions The “Wrong” Way

When others look at my Swift code, they immediately ask why I use so many extensions. The main reason I use extensions is for readability. Here are the use-cases where I LOVE to use extensions, even though that’s “not what extensions are made for”.

I 💖 Storyboards & Nibs

One of my favorite talks at @tryswiftconf (ok, every talk was my favorite!) was when @helenvholmes talked about how to get designers into code. One of the big things to do is very obvious - use Storyboards! Immediately, this comment was a bit controversial among developers. Honestly, I don't see the whole controversy....

iOS 9: How to Peek & Pop A Specific View Inside a UITableViewCell

Over the past few days, I’ve been hectically working on the try! Swift Conference app (now only 2.5 more weeks to show time 😱)! One of my stretch goal MVP features was implementing 3D Touch to Peek & Pop speaker and presentation information in the app...

NSStringFromClass in Swift is Here!

One of the first things I immediately noticed was missing from Swift was the NSStringFromClass replacement. I like to use the class name for my TableViewCell identifiers, and then just NSStringFromClass to dequeue the cells to avoid spelling issues. Now there is a Swift solution!!!

When To Use Mutating Functions in Swift Structs

One of the best things about Swift is that it has built-in features that allows for a lot of immutability in the architecture, making our code a lot cleaner and safer (highly recommend this talk on the subject if you haven’t seen it already!). But what should you do when you actually need some mutability?

Swift Magic: Public Getter, Private Setter

In my blog post on Constructor Injection, I had an example of a struct with a property that needed to be read externally but written only internally. I initially wrote the code like this...