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You'll learn: Error Handling with Swift 3.0, Protocol-Oriented Programming, Reference vs Value Types, and Higher Order Functions

Swift Programming Books

Someone emailed me recently asking me to compile a list of Swift Programming Books. While I have not read all of these books, they have come up for me a few times, and I know they're from good Swift developers. So here is the list...

A Swift Look at Protocols with Associated Types

When I first saw the term “associated types” on Twitter and around the inter-webs, I honestly just ignored it. It seemed very high level. So I’d like to write down my initial understanding of Protocols with Associated Types – mostly what they are and how to use them.

Updated: Protocol-Oriented MVVM in Swift 2.0

I’ve fallen in love with Protocol-Oriented Programming (POP), but of course, I’m new to it and still learning. One of my favorite use-cases for POP is with MVVM. I wrote about it back in August – read it if you’d like to understand the problem more. Since then, I have of course found an even better way of applying POP to MVVM!

iOS: How To Make Weak Delegates In Swift

Here is a common scenario: You have a ViewController with multiple views and you want to delegate one of the actions from a View to a ViewController. How do you do this in Swift without a retain cycle?

The Trick to Working with CocoaPods on a Team

On one of the teams I’ve worked on, we had a lot of problems with installing CocoaPods. Team members had different versions of the cocoapods gem installed, and when someone ran pod install, it would mess things up for others. Here is how to solve that issue...

Thoughts on Functional Programming in Swift

One of the most powerful Swift language features is the ability to write code in more functional style. There's been a lot of excitement over that in the community. So I wanted to put together some thoughts I have on functional programming in Swift after spending some time with it!

Swift: Protocol Composition 😍

I’ve found that in practice, my objects sometimes conform to too many protocols, so the method or classes that take in these protocols become way too long and a bit confusing. Here is a great solution to this issue...