How To Run Redcar, The Ruby IDE

I started out by using TextMateas my text editor for Ruby, but I wanted an editor that would alert me when I made a little mistake (like if I forgot to put an “end” somewhere). So, thus begun my search for the perfect Ruby IDE… After reading a few opinions on the “What Ruby IDE do you prefer?” StackOverflow question, I decided to try RubyMine and Redcar.

Although RubyMine has a lot more functionality than RedCar, it just did not look really good and was a little confusing. I know that programmers are not supposed to care about looks, but I really do. If I’m using a specific text editor every day, I want to feel good about using it. That is why I decided to use Redcar – it has a beautiful and clean interface and I love it.

However, after going through the installation process, it took me a while to figure out how to actually run Redcar! Apparently, all you have to do is type “redcar” into your Terminal and press enter every time you want to open it. It’s a simple as that, but it just doesn’t say to do that anywhere in the instructions.

Enjoy Redcar!

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  • Are you still using RedCar? I’ve been using Sublime Text 2. Do you think it’s worth learning to use an IDE?

    • I ended up just using TextMate. RedCar had too many bugs with it (since it’s open source). That said, it is not very hard to learn at all if you want to try it out.

  • Marcus

    For some reason I decided to play with Ruby on my laptop, (rather than the Mac).

    Centos 6.3 comes pre-installed with Gedit, and so my environment was pretty much pre-set. Anyhow, Centos and Gedit are both lovely software, imo.

    This guy reckons Gedit can be nicely adapted into an IDE

  • marcus

    Or maybe something like this is good?