RubyLearning Core Ruby Course Review

For the past couple of weeks, I’ve been learning Ruby not only by building some fun tools but also by taking the Core Ruby course at LearningRuby. This course was the best $50 I spent in a long time. The Core Ruby course is an 8 week course where, every week, you are responsible for reading some Ruby material and then completing the Exercises that are provided. The best part of the course are the awesome Ruby Tutors however…

I learned to program a few months ago via the Stanford CS106A course, which is completely online and does not have any tutors. Yet, it is the best introductory computer science course that I’ve tried, and I would highly recommend it to anyone. Nevertheless, because I didn’t have a tutor to look over my code, although my code accomplished the tasks outlined in the assignments, it probably could have used some improvement. That is why I found the Ruby tutors at RubyLearning so effective.

Every time I submitted the code for each RubyLearning assignment, even though it worked and I thought it was perfect, the Ruby tutors always showed me at least one way to improve my code. Not only that, but RubyLearning tutor Victor Goff went above and beyond by scheduling private sessions with students outside the course. Of course, if you get offended when people correct you, you might not like this. However, if you embrace the criticism and really try to improve your code, it is worth every penny.

The course should be considered your hobby for the 8 weeks – it takes at least 10 dedicated hours to complete all the material. And if you don’t think there is enough material, every week there a parallel track that teaches you everything from how to use Git to HTML basics to setting up your site on Heroku.

Happy Learning!

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