Letting Serendipity Happen: Joining Capital One Labs!!!!

One of the things I really believe in is making my own serendipity. If I sit home all day, it’s not likely that life-changing events will just happen to occur, so I try to go to and participate in as many events as possible while balancing other commitments, such as work and learning. While there are times when the events don’t amount to anything, most of the time I at least make a new friend or important connection, and sometimes I win the lottery.

A few months ago, I decided to attend the massive Launch Hackathon with a friend. A few unexpectedly cool things happened as a result:

  • My team (just a friend and I) actually WON an API Prize from Parse! Although we were not in the finals, there were over 145 projects submitted from over 1000 developers in attendance, so it was real big honor to actually win something! This was the first time I did win something at a Hackathon. 
  • I got invited to speak at a Parse December Meetup to over 50 attendees about using Parse for Hackathons. This was a really big deal for me, since one of my goals in the next few months (and probably years) is to speak at more developer events. The Parse Meetup has been the biggest audience I’ve spoken to so far.
  • I got a 3D printed keychain from Capital One Labs.

Before the hackathon, I have definitely heard of Capital One, but I did not know the company enough to know about their cool Labs division. I thought it was the coolest thing that Capital One Labs actually had a 3D Printer! I’ve read about 3D printers of course, but up until that day, I had not seen one in action! That got me really excited about Capital One Labs, and the rest is history!

Yesterday was my first day as an iOS Engineer at Capital One Labs, and I cannot be more excited about the opportunity. Although Capital One is a big company, the Labs is run a lot more like a fun startup, with the innovative tech culture spilling into the rest of Capital One. There will be hackathons, design thinking meetups, 3D printers, and, of course, more serendipity 🙂

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