ShopLater: My First iOS App Is In The App Store!!!!

A few weeks ago, my cousin asked me to build an app for tracking the prices of items she wants to buy but are too expensive at the moment. I loved the idea, and decided to build it as my final project at Mobile Makers. We spent an endless two weeks on the app, submitted it to the app store, and a week later it was rejected…

According to the Apple Review team, the app was too much like browsing via a browser, so it could be built in HTML5. They said we’d need a lot more native features to be considered for the app store again. It was very upsetting to see that they did not understand the full functionality of our app, especially since we spent most of our time building out the native iOS features, so we filed a very lengthy appeal, explaining the goal of our app, it’s real functionality (saving and tracking the products, not finding them as much), and outlined all the native UI Elements that we used.

Yesterday, our app got approved, and today we couldn’t be more excited that it’s finally in the app store!!!!!!!!!!!! Search for ShopLater or click here to download! We’d love some reviews as well 🙂 You can also play with it below (thank!).

Even if the app didn’t get approved, I learned so much from it, that I cannot have any regrets in building. Here is just a sampling of what I learned from this project:

  • CoreData
  • Slide-out Navigation Menu with correct Gestures
  • Objective-C HTML / CSS Parsing
  • How to make a custom navigation bar
  • How to use the WebView
  • How to use Google Analytics

I’ll write about how to implement some of these details later, but right now I’m just very happy that ShopLater got approved. Next version will have push notifications for when the product you save drops to the price you want to buy it at. I’ll be building a Rails API to interact with ShopLater and send the push notifications. Can’t wait to make ShopLater even better!!!!

If you have any feedback, I’d love to hear it in the comments!!!

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