If You Don’t Feel Like You’re Drowning Every Day…

Yesterday, I got to talk to Mehul Kar, a Dev Bootcamp student from the String Cohort who now works at Mocha Leaf. One piece of advice that Mehul told me, which he learned from his time at Dev Bootcamp, was that if you don’t feel like you’re drowning every day, you should stop being a software developer.

Although Mehul’s Dev Bootcamp days are over, he’s learning more and more every day. Mehul came into Dev Bootcamp with no knowledge of programming, graduated knowing Ruby on Rails, and now works with ember.js.

Craig Little, my Dev Bootcamp mentor and a former Dev Bootcamp student who now works at ZenDesk, confirmed that he’s learning every day on the job and even at home after work.

One of the reasons I’m becoming a software developer is so I can always have more to learn. It’s great to see that the firehose of learning continues after Dev Bootcamp.

Here’s to drowning!

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