Take Ownership Of Your Own Growth

When I started my first job after graduating college, I didn’t think much about creating my own learning path outside of work. In school, the learning path is set for you. All you have to do is show up.

Unfortunately, work is about, well, work. It is not about your continuous education. So when you’ve learned enough to do your job, the learning stops. You just do your job while maybe slightly learning as needed. And as you get better at what you do, the company has no incentive in putting you on a project you’re not as good at but would personally learn more from.

So it is up to you to own your learning. That is why it’s so excited to have so many online resources (more being added every day) that make it very easy to keep learning. Just take a look at Udacity or Coursera, for example –¬†University level education for FREE!

If you’ve stopped learning at your job (or even if you haven’t), remember that it is your responsibility to learn about whatever interests you.

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