The Future Of Education Is Here, And I’m Going To Be Part Of It

As the new year so rapidly approaches, I’ve been thinking a lot about what I’ve done in the past year and what I want to do next. It’s crazy, but it’s only been slightly over a year since I first made it my goal to learn to program. Now, within a year, I’m not only programming, but I’m also working as a full-time Ruby on Rails developer at Manilla, which I absolutely love.

And I couldn’t have done it without online education. After all, I started learning by taking the incredible Stanford CS106A course.

There is no doubt in my mind that online education is the next big thing. The signs are already here. Hundreds of thousands of people are signing up for courses on sites like Coursera, Udacity, EdX, Codecademy, and more because they are hungry to learn.

We no longer need to pay hundreds of thousands of dollars to get a top-notch education, no matter where we live, and I want to be part of this revolution.

As my big project for next year, I’m starting out by building a Yelp for Online Education – a review site for online courses. Every single person in the world should have access to top education. And as more and more online education options become available (yay!), there needs to be a system where people can vote on which options are the best.

I can’t wait to see where this new journey will take me! Follow along if you’re interested. You can do so much in only a year 🙂

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  • markphd

    You are amazing! One of the challenges in online learning is actually completing the course. With hundreds of available courses out there, people tend to get lost along the way. It’s kinda overwhelming especially when you’re learning all by yourself.

    • SeedStager

      Very true. The biggest problem of online education is “credential dogma” followed by “retention rate” of the courses… For instance udacity is an awesome resource but from what I have read and heard (not empirical evidence) they have a huge dropout rate and only a fraction of students actually finish the courses. I tnink that is one of the reasons they do not do time limited courses anymore -> it is actually related to psychology of people and keeping them entertained… not sure what is the solution though 🙂

    • Yes, that is a good point. I know only about 5% of people who start one of the online courses actually finish it. Maybe that’s a better problem to solve… Will think about it!

  • Great goal looking forward to seeing the progress.

  • jane


  • jane

    Hi, now that you are a year into your journey of learning to program with the use of multiple online resources and dev bootcamp what recommendations would you give to a woman just starting this exciting journey? I’ve been to a few bay area meetups used some online resources and looking into dev bootcamp and a couple other programs in sf. Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!
    Thank you~

    • Hi Jane,

      I actually just wrote an e-book outlining all the advice I’ve been giving to all my friends. I’ll send you an email with the link to an early copy.

      • Jane

        Thank you!