The Power Of Small Building Blocks

To learn iOS, I’m starting again with the very basic blocks of programming. Strings, integers, functions. All of these on their own seem pretty simple, but it blows my mind how these simple building blocks can make such complex and incredible programs that millions of people use every single day!

As a now professional Software Engineer, I build complex programs every day. But, still, it doesn’t seem to amaze me how small and simple the individual pieces are. I can’t wait to put my new building blocks (Objective-C) to good use very soon!

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  • Hey Where are you learning iOS from? Are you going to a bootcamp or are you learning from a specific website?

    • Hi Sampriti,

      I’m actually going to Mobile Makers bootcamp in a week, but doing some pre-work before that. Mostly reading the Big Nerd Ranch Objective C guide and watching tutorials on

      • Saamir

        Hey Natasha,

        I just recently started following your blog. I find it very inspiring. Good to hear you will be joining Mobile Makers soon. My question is – Aren’t you already working a full time software developer job ? How are you going to manage devoting time & energy to Mobile Makers, assuming that you will have to leave your current job for that as such courses are not part-time ? Whats the secret ? I’m just curious about your career path as a software developer post-Dev bootcamp.

        • Hey Saamir,

          More about this here:, but basically my job is going to sponsor me to go. They’ve had a hard time recruiting iOS developers, so I took that as an opportunity to ask them to go to Mobile Makers and come back as an iOS developer with them.

          • Saamir

            wow ! lucky you ! All the best and keep writing…

          • Luck = preparation + opportunity 🙂

          • Saamir

            I’m a CS grad. But, unfortunately working in a non-CS industry. Will be joining Devboot camp after 4-5 months maybe. Right now, I’m revising my theoretical CS courses and doing some basic coding on Can you advice which language should I start my coding learning path with ? The internet is loaded with many sources, its hard to decide which language to focus on and what all sources I should refer… >information-overload< 😮

          • I have way too much advice on resources / learning to code to share here, so I wrote an ebook with everything I know: Also, here is something I wrote about the path I took:

            Happy Learning!