WatchOS 2: Hello, World

Welcome to my series of WatchOS 2 tutorials. I’ll start with the most simple part to get you started. A “Hello, World” app. Yes, you guessed it… there are some gotchas here!

So to get started, create a brand new Single View Application. I’m going to assume you know how to create a basic Xcode project. Now onto the fun part…

1. In Xcode, go to File -> New -> Target


2. Select the watchOS -> Application. Note that there is an Apple Watch option under the iOS menu. Don’t select that option! For me, since I’ve made WatchKit apps before, the wrong one was automatically selected 🙁


3. Select the WatchKit App and click Next. Note that your Watch App Product Name cannot match your iOS App Name – since that will create two targets with the same name! You can always change the Bundle Display Name though in your Info.plist. Also notice the Complication option 🙂

Watch App Create

4. Click Finish. That’s it! Take a look at your new App and Extension. Just like with WatchKit, there is a target with the Storyboard for the Watch, and the Extension that has your logic.


Happy Building!!

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