What Will You Learn In 2012?!

With the New Year only a few more hours away here on the West Coast, I’ve been really thinking about my goals for 2012, especially as they related to learning to code. But first, it is time to reflect on everything I learned in 2011 🙂

I decided to fully commit to learning to program in early November of 2011, when I discovered the free online Stanford  Programming Methodology course. I’ve tried other ways of learning, but the Stanford course is made specifically for beginners and was perfect for my learning style. This course was a game changer for me, so if you’re considering learning to code, I highly recommend it as a start.

I learned Java in about a month through Stanford, and in December started to learn Ruby. I read a Ruby book and am doing hands-on coding for a new startup I’m working on, but I also just starting taking a more official Ruby course via rubylearning.org to make sure I keep learning as much as I can.

So I will start out 2012 by continuing to learn and practice Ruby. I’m hoping to become proficient enough in Ruby to move up to Ruby on Rails as well as learn Web Development well enough to make my own website – maybe even several just really fun small websites 🙂

What is your programming goal for 2012?!

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