Why I’m Paying Big Bucks For A Professional Web Designer

The stereotypical software developer doesn’t care much about design. Making it work is the important thing, right? Well, this is not the case for me. One of the first things I always do when creating a new web application is set up Twitter Bootstrapย orย Zurb Foundation. It just makes me feel good when I look at what I’ve done and it looks decent. Just black words on a white page doesn’t cut it for me.

However, while Twitter Bootstrap and Zurb Foundation are good enough to get me through a lot of the building part of my app, the truth is, adding a real design to my app has made it real, mostly because it makes me proud to show off my work to others.

When I show the Twitter Bootstrap version of my website to people, I always have to say “this is not the final version, but…”. Since I’ve started to implement a real design, my website looks really polished and it’s easy to show it off. Yes, this is the finished, beautiful version and I’m proud of it.

As a psychology major, I know that the design is what people first see when they come to my application, not how great my product works on the backend. So it’s just as important for me that my project gives just as great of a first impression as the last.

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  • bulldog

    You’re absolutely right. If I had to find a co-founder, I’d rather have a Jony Ive of UI/UX than a better coder than I am. Both are extremely important obviously.

    For example, I would LOVE to love the Galaxy Note 2 but I just can’t get past the UI skin on top of stock Android. I have the same problem with the Surface tablet which has insane hardware that feels as good or better than Apple but the UI just kills it for me. I almost force myself to like Samsung or Microsoft because I’m bored of iOS but it is hard.

    • I tried out the Microsoft tablet, and was just not able to use it. Every time I clicked something, something unexpected happened, and I just couldn’t get it to do what I wanted!

  • Agree! Thank you!

  • Jeremy Oltean

    I completely agree 100%. The aesthetic feel and design of anything – a website, car, house, phone, laptop, TV, anything, are hugely integral. Cudos for paying special attention to it – I’ve been researching DevBootcamp and came across your blog. It looks really slick!

  • og

    Couldn’t agree more. Discovering people who think alike makes me beatific. By the way, which theme have you used for your blog? I really like it, and I want mine to look pretty much the same. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • It’s a custom theme my friend made ๐Ÿ™‚ I can ask him if he’d be up for distributing it more if you’d like. Just email me at natasha at natashatherobot.com.