XCode Tip: Autocomplete

I personally love XCode, especially compared to other IDEs I’ve worked with in the past (looking at you Eclipse!). The fonts and colors are beautiful, and it does what I want for the most part.

Another great thing about XCode is its amazing autocomplete functionality. This becomes really apparent in those old-style job interviews where they get you to code Objective-C on a whiteboard – my usual response is “this method is something like this…”. I rely on XCode autocomplete so much, I actually don’t know all the long iOS API method names by heart.

However, I’ve noticed that in XCode 6 with Swift, autocomplete doesn’t work as smoothly in all cases. So I learned a new trick:

Control + SpaceBar triggers XCode’s autocomplete functionality. Yep, this is the same keyboard shortcut as Eclipse and many other IDEs use for the same purpose.

Enjoy the autocomplete life again 🙂

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