You Already Have 10 Years Of Experience

One thing that always intimidates me on job descriptions is when companies are looking for someone with “10 years of experience”. It’s one requirement that no matter how good you are at whatever you do, you can’t fill without 10 years of experience.

This week at Dev Bootcamp, we had Code Academy Learning Architect Adam Lupu come talk about how to learn. His talk made me realize that we all already have 10 years of experience, even when we’re just starting to learn to code.

Unlike a young child with no concept of the world, adults are trained by experience in all kinds of disciplines and previous life experiences. Therefore, when we’re just starting to learn to code, we’re not starting with a completely blank slate like a child does. We can apply our previous experience from whatever we’ve done to help us frame coding into something we can easily pick up and understand. In fact, as Adam Lupu pointed out, we learn the best when we apply our previous knowledge to understand the current new thing we’re learning.

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